Save thousands on printing and mailing cost for your business!

You know by now that having a web site is not enough... it is just a start.

Create your product catalogs on a CD-ROM with a simple click of an button. Personal Archive Creator (PAC) gives you the power to produce your product presentation using one of the most popular mediums in the modern world.  Your electronic catalog will auto-launch on any Windows® compatible computer.  Your buyers will not need to install or download any additional software to view your product catalogs.   They will buy and order your products directly from your CD catalog.  You will save a fortune on mailing and printing cost.  You can even transfer multiple PDF catalogs and create a massive CD catalog.

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"The PAC made it  easy for my customers to buy directly from our catalog CD without installing anything... everything ran directly
off the CD."  -
Jane Thomas


Catalogs on the Internet
See some of the amazing e-commerce web sites customers are creating from the same data source they use for their Catalog CDs all with the same software: 

BenA Boutiques Sample Site: Formal and Bridal Gowns

Western Pacific Distributors:  PDF catalog web site

Create a massive HTML catalog within seconds with the Professional version of the program or save your catalog pages in HTML format with the Home version.  Your catalog web development is only minutes away with the Personal Archive Creator.  These HTML pages can be added to the catalog section of your current web site.  You have the ability to create a new web site from the same data source as your CD and print catalog.  PAC can instantly create a full web page for each product from its internal database with a simple click of a button including the e-commerce shopping cart of your choice!

Printed Catalogs for Traditional Distribution
PAC produces dynamic catalogs.  The versatility of the software allows the user to view and print the e-catalogs in multiple formats.
Detail Features:
  • Publish your catalogs to an auto-launch CD-ROM with dynamic search and index features.
  • Print your catalogs in different formats including the automatic creation of web pages.
  • Flash Introduction. Include a Flash introduction as your title page and create a catalog of all your Flash files.  A perfect tool for the web master. 
  • Include multi-video presentations as part of your catalog.  Store different video's on the same catalog CD to highlight your products and services. 
  • Support all major multi-media file formats including QT, MOV, MP3, MPG, AVI and more.
  • CSV Import feature to convert your existing catalog spreadsheet data into the PAC format.  Convert hundreds of pages within minutes.
  • Archive or use your Word, and PDF documents as part of your catalogs.
  • Use the business scanner option to allow for the scanning of multiple page documents using an ADF.
  • The Personal Archive Creator contains 9 predefined time-saving categories to quickly create your catalogs or archive your documents.
  • An unlimited amount of customized categories and subcategories can be created.
  • Quickly search and display your products with dynamic keyword indexing.
  • The software contains an Catalog Wizard to facilitate the easy creation of your catalog within minutes.
  • Each catalog CD contains the ability to auto-launch the Catalog Viewer that allows your clients to view your electronic catalog, documents, or files, web pages within the CD including multimedia video and audio files.
  • Allow your customers to print your catalogs in 6 different formats complete with all relevant information for each product.
  • Merge multiple catalogs files into one CD.
  • E-Mail items directly from the CD catalog.
    Create field prefixes and save repeated typing when adding product information.
  • Arrange a print sequence to print your products in any order.
  • Arrange hard copy page formats for each printing job.
    Automatic shopping cart and order form for all your products that contains a price.  Give your buyers the ability to order your products directly from your catalog CD.
  • Optional Web link for each product.  If you are selling on-line, link your catalog CD with your site to enhance the buying experience for your customer.
  • Change the look of your catalog with predefine background images or use your own for each item.
  • The Professional Edition has the ability to save your catalog pages in HTML format for easy catalog web site development. 
  • and much more...



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