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 Start creating your product catalog today without the wait! CatalogVX is a feature rich software application which helps the user quickly create, and publish, a product catalog in all 3 of the major publishing formats: CD, Print/PDF, and Web.  Just follow our easy to use Catalog Wizard to create and publish a CD catalog within one hour of installation!  Catalog VX catalogue creation software is the product of choice for many retail and wholesale distributors.



CatalogVX is professional and sophisticated software designed to help you swiftly and effortlessly create and maintain a product catalog in house.  The software gives you an unprecedented level of control over your product presentation, while at the same time greatly reducing your sales and marketing costs.
CatalogVX gives you the freedom to create and publish a new catalog, or an updated version of your existing CatalogVX catalog, whenever you desire.  You can change your catalog “on the fly” in response to different customers’ needs.  You can create different catalogs for different seasons or help draw attention to current sale campaigns. And, since you are able to print only the number of catalogs that you need, you will never have to throw away unused or outdated catalogs again!  With CatalogVX you have complete control and are never at the mercy of expensive print shop minimums. The software contains an internal database that makes it a stand-alone application which does not require any additional software to operate.
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CatalogVX 2008 has all the features necessary to quickly create your product catalogs. 
This software makes it easy to organize your product offerings and present them to your existing, and prospective, clients.  Start with the 9 predefined category folders which already exist within CatalogVX--or add your own custom categories as you progress through the step-by-step Creation Wizard.  Each CD-ROM that you create will contain an auto-launch program which means that your clients will not need to install any additional software in order to view your products.  No programming is required; you can create and publish your CD catalog within 1 hour after the installation of this product.  Additional features are provided within the software including an automatic shopping cart, e-commerce, and order form generation.   You can even create user defined print and PDF catalogs with our more advanced Enterprise version of the software.   You will be amazed at the cost and time savings!
If you have any questions, please call our offices and a customer service agent will answer all of your questions.   If you do not have the time to create the catalog yourself, send us your databases and images and  let us create your catalogs for you within days at very affordable rates.  We have helped many of our clients create effective catalogs within days.  Our catalog application and services will save you thousands of dollars each year on Marketing and Catalog development. 
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